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 Kansas native, Nakala Akasie is a contemporary Pleiadian Messenger, channel and author acts as a bridge for the Higher Realms of Light during the planetary and cosmic shifts taking place.

In 2008, Nakala began to use dowsing as a method to receive information to understand the human psyche for healing purposes and to identify and calibrate energy. Unexpectedly, however, during her dowsing sessions she began to receive telepathic communications from different Star Beings. Soon it became apparent that she was to work with the Pleiadian group, the Akasie who are stationed here to assist in the interstellar activities.


Through Nakala’s presentations and Dowsing workshops she teaches that we are responsible for ourselves. In order to become Masters of Light, ourselves, we must begin to train our mind and develop clear and concise thoughts by intention. We must learn to communicate effectively not only with the Beings of Light, but with those who we share this human experience with and especially with Ourselves.  It is imperative for the human consciousness to develop this skill.


“I was excited, highly focused, and motivated to receive knowledge and wisdom from the Pleiadian team. Once the communications began, there was no turning back.  I was definitely serious about learning from my guides.  However, never did the thought occur to me that I may begin to hear them telepathically or work with them in other ways, as well.


“That was the beginning of my career as a spiritual messenger and channel working directly with the Beings of Light in service for the Highest Good for humankind.


“Later, Quem, my Pleiadian master teacher indicated that I would be gifted with a new name that reflected my willingness and commitment to work with them as a spiritual channel. This name, Nakala Akasie, he said would serve as an outward expression of my willingness to fulfill my agreement in serving God as a messenger and channel in service to humanity for the greater good.

Throughout my feelings of frustration and doubt Quem assured me that I must learn to trust that everything is aligning for the highest good.  Quem explained, “Everything that is done is multifaceted and your name change is no different as it serves many purposes.  In addition,” Quem continued, “The name change would serve as a teaching to expand the awareness and educate those who will follow our work.”

Nakala is a mother and grandmother, gardener, artist, is married to Ray El and currently lives in Weed, California near the sacred mountain called Shasta.

Contact Nakala at 530-566-7890


visit my blog @ http://whenangelsspeaktous.wordpress.com

While my books are written as novels they are filled with material to teach/assist in the reawakening of your spiritual truths.

The objective of this site is to share pertinent information to assist those of you who are seeking information regarding the upcoming transitions or even those who are already advancing through the transitions… I want to assist you on your spiritual journey.  By….

  • Inspiring you to re-connect with your spirituality – to remember who you are.
  • Giving you sound guidance on your path to spiritual mastery.
  • Assisting you to increase your understanding enabling you to heal from past trauma.
Understanding that Spiritual Gifts are part of expanding your awareness and even the ascension,  this site has been designed to assist you during this process.
Following is a list of questions related to the metaphysical that are covered either in my books or this website.
  • What do you do when you experience strange things related to the metaphysical?
  • Receiving a higher understanding of the paradigm shifts.
  • How to align with your spiritual purpose.
  • Getting to know who the Pleiadians are.
  • Learning to trust your heart.
  • Learn to connect with your guides.
  • Recognize when you receive inspirational promptings, memories, and even guidance from your Higher Self or spiritual guides.
  • Remembering past lives.
  • Seeing unusual energies or visions with your inner eye and outer eye.
  • Receiving telepathic communications.
  • Are you receiving messages or visions from different dimensions?
As I said earlier in 2008, I decided to do a dowsing workshop.  The incentive for me was to learn to communicate with my spirit guides using a little device called a pendulum.

Since then many shifts have occurred in my life and as a result I am now TEACHING DOWSING WORKSHOPS with my husband, Ray El.
Today, I give presentations on communicating with your spirit guides, dowsing workshops with my husband Ray El and together we have published the book, Advanced Dowsing: Building a Strong Foundation, (which is available on this site.)

My Spiritual Name

Later, after I became more comfortable working with my Pleiadian masters and guides they indicated that I would be gifted with a new name that reflected my willingness and commitment to work with them as a spiritual channel.
This name they spoke of would be, in essence, an outward expression of my willingness to fulfill my agreement in serving God as a messenger and channel in service to humanity for the greater good.

It was after When Angels Speak: Book One (this book has been edited, with a new cover, and reprinted) was published and The Sacred Contract Book II of The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler was well on its way when I made the steps to legally change my name from Jackie Mullinax to Nakala Akasie.

Some of my friends and family members have embraced my new name and life, while many others have not.  Nonetheless, I continue to move forward.  My guides reminded me, “A name change indicates a spiritual transcendence and responsibility and because of this, some of the people I have known will simply fall away.  This is to be expected and allowed.”

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