Transmission by Tora Tee Pleiadian Council of Light Channeled by Nakala

pleiadian council of light

Every Sunday, like clockwork, I receive a transmission from one of the Pleiadian Council of Light masters.

Note: the Pleiadian Council of Light has many committees and sub-committees. The group I work in is Media. Meaning the Pleiadian Council of Light sponsors particular projects and people (give them extra energy, attention, or Light to assist them with their sacred contracts), in the field of media inclimages-1uding: literature, TV shows, Movies, articles, Radio and so on that assists in their cause to reawaken mankind to their true God-Selves.

This Particular transmission came through from Tora Tee, the committee chair of the Pleiadian council of Light, October 2, 2016, the day after I had traveled to the upper parking lot on Mt. Shasta, California in obedience to my personal guidance.

Saturday morning, I had heard, “Nakala, drive to the highest point of the mountain going by car and commence to commune with nature.” (the weather had been chilly and windy that day so I stayed in the car.) “Expect the unexpected.” The upper parking lot has a panoramic view of the valley below and the Cascade mountains to the west. This is the highest point a person can go by vehicle.

Because of the above message, I had expected something out of the ordinary to happen… something spectacular even. Nothing came of it not even remotely close. As a result, I ended my two and a half hour stay and had driven away feeling a bit let down, disillusioned in fact. This is what Tora Tee had to say.

Let us begin. I ask you not to surrender to the Ego—to lose faith in the One—the Holy Entrepreneur of the path of which you travel!
Merely stand back and observe as this is to serve.
No daggers are to be thrown. Do thy work with the prayers, the calls, and the decrees. Know thy heart, thy purpose which is to serve.
I offer this: when you go to Mt. Shasta offer your prayers, your appreciation. Not only with your adoration thru the voice, but thru the heart! Radiate thy Love for this place, these beings, and to those who wish to partake in small sampling of its beauty— not only—but to those who seek the connection that they already have, yet their outer awareness knows not. They gain the quietude perhaps that allows the momentum to build for inner strength to recognize the gifts of the One.
We speak of yesterday. You did no wrong. We wish you to expand thy gifts by giving to the Spirit of the mountain and all therein. This is the doorway into Telos. [Telso is the Lemurian city inside the mountain.]
  • Seek and ye shall find.
  • Knock and the door shall open.
  • Love they brethren as you are truly one.
Whatever you chose, do it from the Heart.

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