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Welcome to Pleiadian Traveler! I am Nakala Akasie Pleiadian channel, author, and speaker.

Nakala Feb 20 2016 (1)I began to work with the Pleiadians in 2008.  I have the ability to receive from them in several ways, but the most commonly known way is to hear them speak with my inner ear or telepathically. Many people are interested in learning how and why a person suddenly is activated to hear and channel the Beings of Light. Those questions I answer more specifically in my book, Awakening: The Gift Book I (The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler). AND When Angels Speak: The Awakening, A Pleiadian Endeavor. I will say here, though, The One most important reason I have received this gift is because I have specifically ASKED, ALLOWED, and ACCEPTED their guidance. I make myself available.
During this activation that is discussed in Awakening: The Gift, I was introduced to a group of Pleiadians who called themselves The Akasie. These beings are my Pleiadian family. At the time I didn’t understand anything about me being from Pleiades and who these people were that I couldn’t see. I noticed from the way he talked and the radiation I received from him that he must be a primary leader or teacher. He introduced himself as Quem. Later he explained his relationship with me. Quem worked very closely with me in addition to several others who gave me their names and their roles while they assisted me through the initiations.
Quem is the one who told me that we would be writing a book together giving me the title soon thereafter. He instructed me to get several journals and a small recorder to document all communications and activities in my life with family and friends AND to document ALL transmissions with all Beings of Light who came to speak to and through me.
The first book, When Angels Speak: The Awakening (written under the name, Jackie Mullinax) that was written through me had an entirely different format and in hindsight I clearly see that this book was used as a test of sorts…to see if I would stick with the project and if I would write what they told me to write or if I would go off in another tangent. It was a great time of learning to be disciplined and follow their guidance. There were times that I would rewrite an article 7-8 times. It said the same thing just in a different way. I had to learn to breathe through it and be patient.
Since then my life has changed dramatically yet my purpose has remained the same. I have written several books some that have gone on to be published.
As some of you know, I am fairly new to this area. I had gone through a string of moves after my divorce of 35 years and was out here visiting. One day I was gazing at Mt. Shasta and all of that beauty when I heard a voice clearly say, “It is time you come home.” Six months later I was back for good. Shortly after that, I met my husband, Raymond who most of you knew before me. The masters were totally involved in our meeting and marriage. This will be written in book five Fifth Sphere: Attainment. The fourth book is being prepared for publication and is entitled Mirrors: Holding the Vision.
I have been guided to write our books out of sequence to wait until the first book in The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler series, Awakening: The Gift was printed to actually get out and speak about the Pleiadians and what they offer. (I have learned since this is not unusual and know now that this was partly because of my marriage…integration time.) In other words, there are three books completed in this series. You will find The Sacred Contract and In the Light of Day at the table to look over as well. As you all know there must be those such as us who are willing, able, and qualified to light the way for others.
The titles and content of all our books are telepathically given to me or through me and they are filled with information and teachings for healing purposes and for those who are learning to trust and follow their inner guidance—those who desire the communications themselves—those who desire this path of Oneness and Truth!
In The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler series many masters are introduced and give forth specific messages or teachings that are geared for today’s audience—today’s challenges. You will quickly notice as you read any of the books that each Being of Light who has chosen to take part in its creation has a particular voice or style. There are a few although, who have presented themselves as actors taking on other personas to get a point or a full teaching across. A few masters and guides have shown me a real and personal side to them by taking off their teacher’s robe. This has been a real gift.
Yes, they do have personal lives, families, special interests, and at times present a sense of humor. The Pleiadians I work with are masters: some ascended; some Christed.  All serve in a particular way like master teachers, writers, doctors, artists and so on. Some serve by radiating LOVE and never speaking to me or others who are on the Earth. In other words, these beings are like you and me: individual yet working together, finely tuned to serve in the way that is for the greatest good.
We are pleased to present The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler to you as these books serve in a unique way by teaching through the various experiences I have had; some real, while others have been created to show the reader how the masters work on this level. It is a matter of assisting people through the transitions. As you know people are awakening and many of them are ready for this knowledge. It is because of this readiness that the Akasie gives their assistance now. I am sure that most if not all the teachings will resonate with you on a personal level. The Akasie say, “Enjoy the messages we give unto you. Read them and take to heart our true intent—to teach—to assist you on your journey to the Higher Realms of Consciousness—Love.”
Credit to Aya Rose for the photo on this page.

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