Separation From God: Part Two By Ascended Master Telmure Akasie

fotosearch k25394093Separation from God is synonymous with the Fall of Man or when Satan fell from grace and was escorted out of Heaven.

To simplify the idea you must understand it is all about consciousness—The One Mind of God. When God expanded the One—His Consciousness—His Creation, He projected thought into different life forms and intelligences. (For easier interpretation we will use the pronoun He, but God is not male or female, God is Consciousness or the One Mind.) As He proceeded to expand His creation, God granted each creation (life form and intelligence, Man) to have free will. This means to make choices for himself. This is what we have come to call the personality or the Egoic Mind (Ego).

In the beginning, Man was One with God. Being One with God each Man was connected to the Godhead by the three-fold flame. Because God created only perfection all of creation was perfect. Everyone lived in peace, love, joy and harmony. All of Creation was One—United in thought, feeling, and action.

The three-fold flame resides in the Heart—the center of the Soul. (The three-fold flame now is but the tiniest spark in the majority of the race.)

At one point in the expansion of Creation, thought, feeling, and action began to be individualized and Man began to make choices that usurped God’s Creation—the One—God’s Will. Division or separation was the result. This was the birth of the Ego.

People began to desire outcomes that were of his own personal will and Not of God’s Will which served Man and not the ONE God—the ONE Creation.

Expansion continued and with it Ego grew to such proportions that God’s Will was recognized or known by a very select few. For the collective, the three-fold flame grew dimmer until now it is so tiny that it can no longer be seen or felt in the majority of Man.

The effect of Man’s own vanity, greed, resentment and so on is a world of chaos, hate, war.

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