Sakeem Speaks on the Ascended Master and His Chela


When someone is at the level of consciousness that he begins a spiritual quest for God’s truth he inevitably will be introduced to the Ascended Host and enter the proverbial classroom held on the sphere of the Earth as a student or chela of an Ascended Master. It is said, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

To become a student of an Ascended Master one has irrefutably come to the crossroads of understanding that there are two paths: one of service to the Mighty ONE or to continue on the path to be in service of the personal EGO.

The student has usually gained momentum to be at a level that he may begin his studies in earnest through his many embodiments on the Earth by practical and spiritual experience.

At this point the chela has become acutely aware of his own thoughts, feelings, and actions desiring with the totality of his being that he master his energy aligning himself with the Ascended Host and other Beings of Light to dedicate himself in service to God.  In other words, he has become more than slightly aware of the masters (teachers). He has taken into his outer awareness that each passing moment, each encounter with another, and each situation is an opportunity to expand his spiritual awareness uniting with his I AM Presence—the God in him. Every opportunity is a lesson to gain mastery over energy: his ego-self.

Jan 20, 2016