Master Teachers Come and Go by Master Samuel Paul Akasie

Your previous guardian, the Pleiadian Master Telmure Akasie, who had been overseeing your care and assisting you in particular life lessons has taken leave. I, Master Samuel Paul have taken on his duties. Telmure is arranging some things to ease transition for you. You wonder what transition I am referring to. Nakala stay focused on what is before you. Know that there are those, many, who go before you to set into motions the alignments to make possible certain ways for you to serve. Always, we think of our counterparts in ways to assist them as they travel into the Light.  

This, what I say, is reminder to you of the many tasks we are set to. This promotes additional focus and expanded awareness enabling you to become stronger more devoted to/with the Presence—us—the union of all there: the ONE.

I’ll be with you always. Yes, I come and go. All is in a motion of design that is of the Light.