Master Samuel Paul Speaks on Divine Ideation

Master Samuel Paul Akasie. Today I speak on Divine Ideation. Ideas flow easily. You experience a peace and understand that all is in DIVINE ORDER. You are always given exactly the information required to take you further—to the next level on your Divine journey.

I speak of you, Nakala and husband, Ray El but this teaching is true with any man and woman, husband and wife. You serve differently, yet the same as Light beings with aspect masculine and feminine. You both have unique ways of display, unique way of perception. The mechanics of your mind; how you proceed in your thought process varies because of your current life, social standards or the laws of society. Your subconscious mind stores memories and beliefs that have been ingrained from past incarnations from centuries past and cultures many. They continue to have influence great. The two vary to a degree how you proceed in any given situation.

 You are to learn from one another. Remember you each bring to the table a piece that contributes to the whole. This is a blending process that is on-going. If you were the same how would you—how could you serve or even please one another? Look to the aspect of individuality the experience of each person and unite these facets to bring more brilliance to this world. You see? The design is more complex to the point of stunning. Set your heart and your mind in creating geometric structures: THOUGHT & EMOTION into patterns pleasing.