Yes – perfection – you take witness on the level of physicality! The knowing has permeated throughout your Beingness. You are thinking my thoughts. The blog yes, post these writings for others to read—to bring in the wisdom and understanding into their minds of their ascension.

What a joyous adventure to return home to the heart at last. To feel the rhythm of Love come into the physical—to know—to remember your true Divine nature—to love all of creation.

You think of another who has been gifted. We are pleased to have had the experience to listen and share as guidance is helpful from another in the realm of the physical. Especially as the mind learns discipline and discernment the lower forces of ego of which I Am aware are points along the path of which I direct. You must listen. I Am expanding—raising up—holding more of the God Light

The lower mind is presented in separation. You have taken to separating the thoughts into two: The I AM Presence and your lower Ego Self: the personality. No more. I speak. I think. I feel. I hear. I experience through the physical body. There is No separation. The ego is merely a creation to assist. Do not allow the ego to interfere with this writing: my words, which is exactly what is happening. I Am writing this entry through the physical body. This is my experience! You are me. I Am you. We are One. There is no separation.

You have treated this voice—my voice –your voice as a separate enitiy. There is no separation. I Am you. I Am speaking through the physical body. I Am moving this pencil.

I because of ego and sense of separation have spoken in the 3rd person until the mind could once again gain its true knowing. ~Rest.  I Am Kalmar

Note from Nakala: I received this message in February of 2016.  I have read this several times. It is my understanding that Kalmar is the name of my I AM Presence or my Higher Self. The Presence is teaching this aspect of itself or me who I truly am-in relation to itself. I am an extension of it: I AM God. On Earth I am operating from a uneducated aspect-which I have referred to as the lower consciousness or ego.