Dearest, this writing is a letter to yourself. I want to take another approach to gain a stronger understanding on my lower conscious aspect.

I am like a child in some respects as I am learning through many channels. I am constantly creating new ways to express my ideas. The human body has been an on-going effort and continues to be a pleasing avenue or outlet of God-energy. My breath is God-energy.

At this moment the ego-self struggles–the lower consciousness struggles to discern correct punctuation and complete understand of the phrases that are coming through to ensure that the proper meaning is documented.

Rise – surrender that aspect. I am closing the division – the idea that the lower consciousness and I are two individual beings. I am one! the mind has taken and believed in separation for such a long time. It is time to know I AM but One Presence expressing through many channels – teaching the channels to merge – to think, know, feel, and act as ONE! This is MY journey. I AM Kalmar