Jeremiel Cosmic Light


I AM Jeremiel. I AM an Ascended Master and your guardian of Light-archangel of the Pleiadian Nation. Pleased I am-we are to share moments with you to further induce-enrich within the collective stream of consciousness. There are ripples of cosmic energy that are presently fragmented: discord of which I-we speak of. You, currently, alongside of Ray El who represent the human aspect of the Divine expression continue to bring together in harmony by dissolving the disjointed thought forms-rebuilding-uniting the thoughts powered by emotions into beautiful structures-geometric in shape and colored by exquisite blends and contrasts that manifest as sound. Yes, the symphony best describes my idea-concept. All is to harmonize in vibration & tone. This is your ultimate design, Nakala & Ray El to bring froth rhythm and harmony that pleases not only the Gods but humanity and all counterparts therein.

I promised new this day. I build-as we build your ability, readiness to receive concepts seemingly foreign to the outer consciousness. In reality, you are remembering all therein. These paintings in your mind are thought by you to be projections by us but in truth they are memories of long ago that are pushed to the outer consciousness-mind by none other than your innate desire to return to the God estate.

I-we assist you throughout your return. Gladly we do this for you as you seek out your trueness of which you already are. ~ I AM with you always. Jeremiel