….More on Pendulum Dowsing: Keys to Success

Information Dowsing using a Pendulum

Communicating With Your Spirit Guides: Keys to Success

  • Following Protocol: May I? Should I? Can I?

  • Say a short prayer stating your intention to serve for the highest good for all concerned.

  • Breathe Are you rested and relaxed?

  • Ground yourself: envision energy running from your root chakra down into the earth.

  • Learning to set boundaries: what is for your highest good?

  • Listen to your heart for guidance.

  • Learning to discern when it is best to dowse or channel. Clear your field.

  • Honesty

  • Are you rested and relaxed?

  • Are you hydrated?

  • Are you nourished?

  • Make yourself available. Practice every day to build a strong foundation with your guides. Maintain your foundation through patience, practice, and trust.

  • Practice concise phraseology.

    • Play around with your wording.

    • Remember one question will often lead to another.

  • Document your sessions.

  • Give thanks for those who are assisting you.