The Monk’s Story By Raymond N. Fuller


There was once, long ago, a monk who loved God with his entire being.  He strove to magnify God in his life throughout the day and to express God’s Love wherever he happened to be.  He was otherwise a quiet man, and not easily understood by most in the monastery.  He was content to serve in whatever capacity God called him.  He was an example to the younger men and yet a puzzle to his peers.  Not even the Abbott understood his calling to be God’s Love wherever he found himself.

He had occasion one day to express his approach to God to the Abbott, and the Abbott became alarmed and concerned for his own soul, for he realized that he, the Abbott, had missed the essence of Christ’s teaching on Love and Service for the sake of Service, and the sake of the soul.  The Abbott had served only the Self within him, rather than the Self in others.  But the Abbott allowed the monk to teach him about God within and service to God in all.  And it was then and there that the monastery began to be a beacon, and to prosper, and to draw everyone in the surrounding community to the Christ within each heart.  The Spirit of Truth began to flow through each resident in the monastery, and by his love, to each person in the town and countryside.  They had to build a larger sanctuary for worship, so touched they were by the love one man had for God.

When you love God, you make room in your being only for God.  When you love others in the only way God loves, there is no room in your being for anything that is less than God.  Though few will be able to put their finger on it, they will know and feel this tangible difference about you.  When you care not about the conditions around you in which you find yourself being called to serve, God expresses His Love for others so exquisitely through you.  One serving heart filled with love for God becomes a river that God uses to cleanse the hearts of all, to water the fields thirsty for this Love.  You will be able to change many lives when you love as God loves, serve as God serves.  Enlarge your heart, magnify God’s Love, serve God’s people.

© 1998 R N Fuller