The Cosmic Push: Who is in Charge? By Archangel Jeremiel

Over the eons people have numerous conversations. You are communication devices that discuss different topics that interest you in some manner. On many occasions you may be discussing something, a project perhaps, an idea, that is in the process of evolution. For example you are working on a new project and you have a question on how to proceed. You do not have the answer and no one you approach knows seems to have a definitive solution. Perhaps the subject at hand is in the process of evolution. People are evolving, shifting, and expanding or perhaps they enter a cycle of rest to gather strength for the upcoming cycle that is an expansion in itself. There is a season to all.

Perhaps there are those who wish to make a big broadcast of their whereabouts—their doings—before the cycle fads seemingly into nothingness. Perhaps he fads as well!

It is all about momentums; where you place your attention and what drives. There are those who experience a great thrust of energy, focused in fact, perhaps so much so, they appear unstable—obsessed in a manner. You wonder, yourself, about the psychology of those you know. Indeed what aspect drives them? You wonder about yourself: is it the ego, the human self who desires to play not push so hard or is it the Beloved I Am who wants to experience nothing but the sheer joy of life?

But because of man’s insolent nature: the desire to take it easy and not really accomplish much in a tangible way, you wonder if there are others who overcompensate to right the wrong? Who IS IN charge here?

So you see the paradox—big upset. You are infused with Light dear ones. The planetary systems direct. You follow seemingly unknowingly! The energies of all are in perfect design. Your Beloved I AM knows all and is in alliance with!

You feel you have been placed in a shadow unknowingly. Follow your heart dear ones, is what I say. It is your true compass.

Are you in error to ruminate on ideas pleasing? No! You are creators stirring the pot, so to speak, enabling all to achieve their desires. As you are One and all are here to experience pleasure through your creations of which are vast!