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The Cosmic Push by Master Jeremiel

Nakala, we acknowledge you feel the cosmic push-LOVE for all family. Within the days we give forth our Love-Radiation to lift—to expand your cosmic SOUL and all it encompasses.

We see to it that certain connections are made, ensuring you receive illumination, which is nutrition for the mind and heart enabling you to give forth and create pure THOUGHT and to feel pure LOVE.

We thank thee for this gift you have given US to respond with appreciation and desire to learn and feel MORE!

Ever forward we go as ONE!

Advanced Pendulum Dowsing Workshop


 Advanced Pendulum Dowsing Workshop

Saturday April 1, Mt. Shasta, California


This is no Ordinary Workshop!



Communicating with Your Spiritual Guides:

Building a Strong Foundation

Saturday, April 1, 2017

9 AM to 5 PM

Mt. Shasta, California

  • Learn about your Dowsing System: formulating precise questions for clear communications
  • Meet and learn to communicate with your spirit guides
  • Reduce stress
  • Letting go of old patterns
  • Do healing work with the pendulum
  • Clear your four lower bodies; find and clear negative influences and more
  • Receive the NEW  40 page,  Advanced Pendulum Dowsing: Building a Strong Foundation FREE with this class

For More Information

Contact: Nakala @ 530-566-7890


All Day Workshop  $175

Nakala Akasie gives talk on “From Pendulums to Pleiadians” at Mt. Shasta Wesak Celebration

nakala akasienakala akasie

Meet Nakala as she gives a  preview for the 2016 Mt. Shasta “Wesak” celebration.

This is a brief introduction “From Pendulums to Pleaidians” for Nakala Akaise‘s Saturday Presentation on how her journey began.  Nakala touches on a particularly touchy subject of momentums that people create, such as in the case of her fourteen year old son’s suicide in 1995. This is when Nakala began to question everything and when the Akasie (Pleiadian team she works with), decided to use a pendulum to wake her up.

Communicating with Pleiadian Masters of Light


Welcome to Pleiadian Traveler! I am Nakala Akasie Pleiadian channel, author, and speaker.

Nakala Feb 20 2016 (1)I began to work with the Pleiadians in 2008.  I have the ability to receive from them in several ways, but the most commonly known way is to hear them speak with my inner ear or telepathically. Many people are interested in learning how and why a person suddenly is activated to hear and channel the Beings of Light. Those questions I answer more specifically in my book, Awakening: The Gift Book I (The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler). AND When Angels Speak: The Awakening, A Pleiadian Endeavor. I will say here, though, The One most important reason I have received this gift is because I have specifically ASKED, ALLOWED, and ACCEPTED their guidance. I make myself available. Continue reading Communicating with Pleiadian Masters of Light