When Angels Speak: The Awakening, A Pleiadian Endeavor

When Angels Speak: The Awakening
is uniquely crafted, focusing on the author’s personal journey during a time of intense transformation. After a weekend intensive Jackie begins to receiwhenangelsspeak front book cover_2ve telepathic communications from unseen forces. It doesn’t end there. Throughout the writing, Jackie gives day-by-day accounts of her struggles to unravel the mystery of the communications. “I couldn’t see anyone. I was only able to feel a vibration (their love) and hear their words in my mind. It wasn’t long until they were speaking through me.  Somehow, I had become a channel for them.”

When Angels Speak is a Pleiadian endeavor intended to ease the unfamiliar and sometimes frightening process that you may face when you receive a spiritual gift such as clairvoyance.

Note by Author: This book was written under my former name, Jackie Mullinax

When Angels Speak 1st ED