The Second Edition of When Angels Speak: The Awakening A Pleiadian Endeavor is here!


The second edition of When Angels Speak: The Awakening  A Pleiadian Endeavor is Here!

When Angels Speak

After a weekend dowsing workshop Jackie begins receiving telepathic communications from unseen forces that identify themselves as the Akasie, a group from Pleiades. It doesn’t end there. Throughout the writing, Jackie gives day-by-day accounts of her struggles to unravel the mystery of the communications.

“I could sense their presence, hear their messages, and feel their love. It wasn’t long until I began documenting their communications, (many of which are included here), and they were speaking through me. Somehow, I had become a channel for them.”

This book is a Pleiadian endeavor intended to

  • Inspire you to re-connect to your spirituality – to remember who you are

  • increase your understanding enabling you to heal from past trauma

  • give you guidance on your path to spiritual mastery