In The Light of Day

 Book III in the series of The Accounts of a  Pleiadian Traveler 

IntheLightofDay frontcoverNakala, spiritual author and channel, is suddenly  awakened in the middle of the night by a phone call from her deceased brother. Even though  connecting to the realms of spirit is an everyday  occurrence for Nakala, this particular event brings  to the forefront feelings of suspicion, dread, and  anger. He asks her to meet her the next day in  person in a public place. Is Nakala merely having a    lucid dream or is this a tangible experience that is    far beyond her scope to fully comprehend? What is the true reason behind his request?

Throughout the story, Nakala is guided by her Pleiadian family, the Akasie, taking her through many unique life scenarios that teach her the ways of the masters and the path of Oneness.

Does Nakala choose to be her authentic self—to walk In the Light of Day?