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Communicating with Pleiadian Masters of Light


Welcome to Pleiadian Traveler! I am Nakala Akasie Pleiadian channel, author, and speaker.

Nakala Feb 20 2016 (1)I began to work with the Pleiadians in 2008.  I have the ability to receive from them in several ways, but the most commonly known way is to hear them speak with my inner ear or telepathically. Many people are interested in learning how and why a person suddenly is activated to hear and channel the Beings of Light. Those questions I answer more specifically in my book, Awakening: The Gift Book I (The Accounts of a Pleiadian Traveler). AND When Angels Speak: The Awakening, A Pleiadian Endeavor. I will say here, though, The One most important reason I have received this gift is because I have specifically ASKED, ALLOWED, and ACCEPTED their guidance. I make myself available. Continue reading Communicating with Pleiadian Masters of Light